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MASSIVE attract LTD 2019

Helping you  



"My video explains that my coaching is special and TOTALLY different to all other life coaches and sports psychologists.

I specialise in IMMEDIATE increased personal performance.

UNDER PERFORMING - in 20 seconds I can take someone who is down, feeling depressed or who has lost their confidence and put them back in control of their life and feeling amazing.

BEING YOUR BEST -  I can give you the passion, the desire and confidence to be an absolute LEGEND in whatever you do.

What I offer is MORE than just coaching.


I show you how to manage daily situations, use Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) power words to get what you want and speak in public situations or to the media.


I have a 100% successful track record because my clients receive :

  • my passion

  • my energy

  • my amazing techniques

  • my unique understanding of how life works at a spiritual level and

  • my total commitment to help them


If you want to make your life incredible, solve a problem or achieve something amazing, you had better come and speak to me."       marc. 

Watch what makes me special


How I Can Help You

"My clients love my no nonsense approach (rating 4.71/5.00)

I hear what people are saying and I hear what they are 'not' saying. This means I am able to cut through the crap and provide advice and unique techniques that achieve immediate results.

Your life should be fun and exciting. Anything less and you are selling yourself short." marc


"All my courses include unique techniques that I have created to solve problems and improve my life.


As I am just an ordinary guy, if they work for me, they will work for you too.


All my courses are to the point, less than 2 hours and are presented in a fun and energetic style." marc